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The game grants you a chance to dive into retro-stylized adventure in a far march to collect all essential artifacts and find a way to return back. The title That Role Playing itself is a reference to pen & graph paper game created by the author. The basic strategy element and the key to victory here is a watchful and chary usage of available resources.


 *  Name your fantasy hero

 *  Adventure of exploration

 *  Monsters & Puzzles

 *  Effective Strategy required to win

 *  Multiple secrets and The Mystery

 *  Packed with Music & Sound effects

 *  Imaginative Graphical Presentation


 *  Apples recover your health

 *  Shield may help to defend against bats

 *  Do not haste, be attentive and think ahead

 *  Queen of Forest will help to return back and save the Kingdom

 *  Third puzzle is tough — consider calculation in reverse notation


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"That Role Playing" got a review on our very underground little blog for very underground video games.

While I like the idea of the riddles, I’m afraid they heavily overdid it with the difficulty – making the game an exclusive delight for people who enjoy hardcore brainteasers and raw old school gaming alike. If you however consider yourself to be a part of this illustrious group „That role playing“ is for you – the game is well polished and the „crawler“-gameplay, graphics, music, and sound are great. There are secrets, allusions, and many little details showing how much passion was invested into this game.


I found your game to be great, but unfortunately I'm not able to beat it. The riddles are too hard, and I suppose that I'm not alone. Are there any chances that you might create a slightly reworked version?

Hi, Valentin and Adrian, we are happy to see fellow developers searching for interesting games around. Thank you for your review and comment, it's really a pleasure to know we're not alone.

ThatRPG was our probe game to find if there are any audience for hardcore puzzle action/adventure games with a lot of struggling thru "tendency to look for easier solutions instead of right ones". We found its audience to be quite small, less than 300 people in total. Maybe next time we should try more colorful graphics and less steep difficulty curve, yes.

As for third riddle you can read sign near it again after meeting the Lady and the hero will tell you how to compute the right answer. Beware of negative numbes, though!

Eugenia & Vladimir

Hi Eugenia & Vladimir,

nice to see that you are still around & kicking. I have had gotten the hint, but still didn't figure it out. Last night I managed to solve the calculation. I really do think that you nailed the graphics quite well in this - just ask a bit less of your players, and it should be fine ;).

Are you onto a new project atm?

Greetings Valentin

Got it :) We have certain plans for a so called sequel (more focused on adventure than on brainxplode puzzles) and also making (from time time as we can) several other games. Hope you already found the Mystery in the Lady's Gargen. Also we aware of required shields economy, losing hearts instead, to get enough of them to pass islands trolls. Thx for playing!

Eugenia & Vladimir